Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bead & Button 2016

It's time for the annual teaching announcement! This marks the third year I will be teaching at the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee -- hooray! They have done some reformatting of the class sessions for B & B this year by adding 4 hour sessions in addition to the traditional 3 and 6 hour offerings. This offers a great opportunity to take a jewelry technique class that's a little more advanced or in-depth.
Here are this year's classes:

Register here
for Dichro Metal Clay Pendant
Register here
for Crystal Clay Ombre

Register here
for Charmed, I'm Sure

Register here
for Celtic Chain Maille Bracelet

Saturday, March 14, 2015

March Classes

I'm teaching at a new show! At the end of March I'll be teaching at the Art Glass and Bead show in Madison, which I've attended for the last several years. It's a great show with lots of fantastic instructors. I love it because there are always new things to try. This is the show where my mom and I learned how to make glass beads using a torch. You can try out just about anything and the greatest part is, most of the instructors supply the tools so you can learn something new without having to make a major investment. LOVE that! Many of the teachers from Bead and Button will be at this show, so if you can't make it to Milwaukee in June or just want a smaller, more intimate event, this is an awesome alternative.

So, what's on the schedule? I'll be teaching these 2 classes:

Metal Clay - Stamped Silver Seal

Friday, March 28,1-4:30pm
$125.00Learn the circular seal technique for shaping metal clay to create organic yet consistent shapes to showcase your stamped designs, similar to a wax seal. Students can add Chinese characters or select from a variety of other impressions. This class will cover basic techniques for working with metal clay including handling, sanding, firing, and polishing. Pieces will be torch fired in class. Students will have the opportunity to add a patina to enhance their finished designs.
All materials provided by instructor: metal clay, gemstones, tools, and torch for class use. Students will have enough metal clay to make 4 charms. Students may bring their own metal clay tools.

Bingo Bracelet

Saturday, March 29 9am-12pm$95
Recycling rules in this class, where we repurpose old wooden bingo numbers to create custom, reversible bracelets. On the plain side of the tile we will use UV resin to add images, glitter, and more. Students will learn resin techniques including how to properly seal their designs, applying, and curing the resin. Once students have learned the basics for working with resin they can apply them to a variety of projects.
All materials provided by instructor: UV resin, bingo numbers, images, tools and UV light for class use.

Interested in attending? You can register for all classes here. For information about the show including lodging, registration, and the Make-and-Take event (my personal favorite!) check out this link. I hope to see you there!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

More Exciting News!

I've been thinking for a long time about changing my business name. I originally decided on SB Design for 2 reasons:

  1. SB are my initials and
  2. My dad's company is BSD, so it was kind of a play off that. He's BSD, I'm SBD. I felt like I was following in his footsteps in some small way.
The problem is, SB Design really doesn't say a whole lot about who I am or what I do. It's a name that didn't have a whole lot of identity attached to it. I started making and selling jewelry back in 2007 (Holy cow, has it really been 7 years?!?), before I really knew what I wanted to make. Back then I liked taking classes and making anything and everything I could. I created an etsy shop and started doing art shows out of sheer necessity -- I either had to stop making things or start selling them, since I had way more jewelry creations than I knew what to do with. (sorry for ending with a preposition there, all you grammar czars.) 

Now that I'm older and, I hope, a little wiser, I know what I enjoy making and what I want to create. Eco-friendly jewelry is a passion -- I want to design things using practices and materials that are as environmentally conscious as possible. I love taking things that once had a purpose and changing them into something else entirely. My motto is "Everything has a repurpose." My jewelry reflects that ideal. So I spent a long time thinking about who I am now, what I do, and how that can be communicated in a new name. After days of brainstorming, weighing the pros and cons, and badgering my friends to get their opinions I have finally made a decision. My new business name is:

I will officially be changing to my new name and etsy site in January, so this is just a sneak peak of what's to come. This website will stay the same, but there will be some design and format changes coming. It's time for a refresh and reboot, and I am ready to do things a little differently. So, what do you think?

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Looking forward to June...

I realize it's not even Christmas yet (heck, it's barely even December!), but I received some exciting news about the Bead and Button show in June that I wanted to share. I have been accepted to teach 4 classes at the show this year. Hooray! Two are classes I offered last year and really had a great time teaching and two are brand new. What are they? Here you go!

Bohemian Button Bracelet
Tuesday, June 2

Mastering the Syringe: Metal Clay Syringe Techniques
Wednesday, June 3

Elevated Design: Textured Embossing in Metal Clay
Friday, June 5

Resin & Recycling
Sunday, June 7

I will have full descriptions and links to register as soon as they are posted online. Registration begins January 6, so look for more information just after Christmas.
Bohemian Button Bracelet
Mastering the Syringe

Resin & Recycling
Elevated Design

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Get Your Green On!

No, it's not St. Patrick's Day. It's my other favorite green day of the year -- the Green Gifts Fair! I always look forward to this show. The artists are amazing and seeing all the eco-friendly designs makes me so happy I can hardly contain myself. PLUS there's a fantastic silent auction where most of the vendors provide all sorts of goodies on which to bid. Add in live music, make your own spray cleaner (which I do every year), and a fashion show and you've got a day-long environmentally conscious extravaganza!
The icing on the cake is that the show is held at the Midtown Global Market, which means delicious food. Seriously, is there anything that could make this day more fun? I really don't think so.

Green Gifts Fair
Saturday, Nov. 22
Midtown Global Market
920 E. Lake St., Minneapolis